In this article, we’re going to take a look at Toyoace Trucks. After World War 2, because Toyota was making its first small car, they volunteered the nickname. Consequently, “Toyopet” was elected. In 1956, its new store “Toyopet store” was established to rise the sales of Toyopet series. At that moment, the truck was named “Toyoace”. Although Toyopet store was established, the popularity of Toyopet bland was decreased steadily. In 1978, Toyopet bland was completely vanished as Corona changed its name from Toyopet Corona to Toyota Corona.
  Yet Toyopept is totally dead, Toyoace truck still has a massive popularity among the world with its very rival Dyna Truck of Toyota. I personally like Dyna Truck more than Toyoace. I really don’t like the sound of Toyoace. It sounds like it is “Ace”, which is too classy for a mere truck. Even though I have never driven any trucks before, I am pretty sure that Dyna truck is a good one in its appearance, internal and external design overall which Japan should consider brave-worthy about.